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Current Partnership Investments

We partner with strong market leading companies who have the potential for long-term, sustainable growth. Working together, we have invested more than $235 million in 19 companies.

Marshall Retail Group, LLC
Headquarters – Las Vegas, NV
Date of Investment - September 2008

Marshall Retail Group is the largest independent specialty retailer to the resort and casino marketplace. The chain boasts over 70 stores that cater to resort-and-casino visitors to the Las Vegas Strip, Atlantic City, Fort Lauderdale and other prestigious resort locations.

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ICV Directors
Willie E. Woods
Cory D. Mims
Zeena H. Rao

The PFM Group, Inc.
Headquarters – Philadelphia, PA
Date of Investment - May 2009

The PFM Group is the leading independent financial and investment advisor to state and local governments and not-for-profit institutions with approximately $40 billion of assets under management.

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ICV Directors
Lloyd M. Metz
Zeena H. Rao

Mallet & Company
Headquarters – Carnegie, PA
Date of Investment – October 2010

Mallet & Company is a leading manufacturer of proprietary oils, ingredients and equipment to the commercial baking industry. Mallet manufactures technically advanced solutions that are critical to the successful operation of high volume commercial bakery lines.

Click for Mallet Press Release ICV Directors
Willie E. Woods
Ira L. Moreland
Qian W. Elmore

Stauber Performance Ingredients, Inc.
Headquarters – Fullerton, CA
Date of Investment –January 2011

Stauber Performance Ingredients is a leading distributor of nutraceutical ingredients such as minerals, herbs, fruits, vegetables, nutrients, vitamins and amino acids to the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and health food industries.

Click for Stauber Press Release ICV Directors
Willie E. Woods
Ira L. Moreland
Qian W. Elmore

Cargo Airport Services, LLC
Headquarters – New York, NY
Date of Investment – April 2011

Cargo Airport Services is the second largest independent provider of cargo handling solutions in North America. Handling 1 million tons of cargo, the Company operates 21 facilities in 12 airports. Services include cargo handling, ramp loading, warehousing, security screening and cargo tracking.

Click for Cargo Press Release ICV Directors
Willie E. Woods
Zeena H. Rao
Lloyd M. Metz
Jermaine L. Warren

SAFE Security, Inc.
Headquarters - San Ramon, CA
Date of Investment - December 2012

SAFE Security, Inc. is a leading provider of residential and commercial security alarm systems, industry-leading monitoring services, and support services.

Click for SAFE Security Press Release ICV Directors
Cory D. Mims
Lloyd M. Metz
Sheldon B. Howell

American Alliance Dialysis Holdings, LLC
Headquarters, Trujillo Alto, PR
Date of Investment February 2013

Atlantis Healthcare Group Puerto Rico serves a kidney dialysis treatment platform under American Alliance Dialysis Holdings, which will continue to identify and evaluate strategic investment opportunities in North America and the Caribbean. Atlantis Healthcare Group Puerto Rico is the second largest provider of kidney dialysis services in Puerto Rico. In 2012 the Company provided over 198,700 dialysis treatments through 13 facilities and had a patient census of 1,379 as of December 31, 2012.

Click for American Alliance Dialysis Press Release ICV Directors
Willie Woods
Cory Mims
Sheldon Howell

IMS Control

Interventional Management Services, LLC
Headquarters - Atlanta, GA
Date of Investment - December 23, 2013

IMS is one of the largest providers of interventional pain management services in the Atlanta metropolitan market. IMS owns and manages interests in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) as well as pain-management clinics throughout metro Atlanta. The company also provides other ancillary services to its patients on an exclusive basis.

  ICV Directors
Willie Woods
Ira Moreland
Qian Elmore

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